Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Head of School exhibits at The Collection, Lincoln

[sic] at The Courtyard Gallery at The Collection, Lincoln- 29 September – 27 October 2012

[sic] indicates that quoted words have been transcribed exactly as spelled or presented in the original source, complete with any erroneous spelling or other presentation.

Daniel Buren, the renowned French artist once said that it is in the studio that the artwork is closest to its own reality – beyond this place it is prone to endless manipulations, interpretations and vested interests.

In this exhibition, Head of Lincoln School of Art and Design, Dr Alec Shepley takes his studio as his ‘text’ and sets out to transcribe it, purposefully informing the viewer that any mistakes or apparent errors in the transcribed material do not arise from transcription faults but have been repeated intentionally, i.e., they are reproduced exactly as set down by the artist.

There is sense of playfulness - even a form of ridicule or humorous comment on institutional frameworks at large, drawing attention to mistakes, running repairs, wonky constructions, calamitous assemblages, emphasizing erroneous logic and resisting the commodification of art. 

You still have time to visit Alec's installation as it doesn't close until 27 October.  If you can't make it to the show, here is a selection of images taken on the opening night, using the Hipstamatic app on a smart phone.  Enjoy!

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