Friday, September 7, 2012

Illustration students brighten up Lincoln

During the summer, students from our BA (Hons) Illustration programme returned to Lincoln to brighten up a   walkway and cycle path along the river Witham which leads directly into the Brayford Pool.  Using their artistic skills they have completely transformed a city warehouse with their illustrative graffiti.

The students had long been looking for an area in the city to try out their street art legally and approached owners of the warehouse, William Sinclair Ltd, a local company specialising in commercial and domestic horticultural products.

The project got underway when the students asked local residents what they would like to see painted on the warehouse before initial sketches were even put to paper.

Illustration student and skateboarder Myles Hamilton was part of the project. [Picture: Anna Draper, courtesy of the Lincolnshire Echo newspaper].

Student Alison Rattigan told the Lincolshire Echo "We have wanted a space to practice our skills for a long time.  We asked Sinclairs if we could do anything on their property and they went away and thought about it before coming back and saying yes...We have never worked on this scale before so it was a challenge and an experience but we are delighted with how things have turned out".  In fact Sinclairs supplied all the art materials.

Although this was not a brief set by tutors from the Illustration programme, they were keen to try their art on this scale and to challenge the somewhat negative attitude shown towards graffiti.  Local response has been very positive, and I for one appreciate the improvement to the area as I cycle home along the pathway. Here are some of the images I took on my way to the University this morning.


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