Friday, October 19, 2012

MA student working with Lincoln's Usher gallery

Anyone visiting the new exhibition at Lincoln's Usher Gallery, A Focus For Memory will be able to find out more about the exhibition thanks to MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice student, Ashleigh McDougall's interpretive text.

Ashleigh has written all the text panels in the gallery and an informative companion essay, which contextualises the work by artists Tim Davies, Paul Graham and Michael Sanders. Ashleigh said of the experience,  "Writing the interpretive package for the new show at The Collection / Usher was a great experience. It gave me the chance to use the writing skills I've developed over the course of my academic career, but provided me with a practical outlet that will be important in my future career. Thinking about new and different audiences, and putting together a cohesive and complimentary theme was challenging, but also an excellent learning opportunity".

For more information either about the exhibition, or the programme MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice, contact Programme Leader Andrew Bracey.

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