Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fine Art produces stunning 3-D images

Some remarkable three-dimensional images have been appearing in the School's Greestone building recently as part of ‘The Luminous Mark’ network elective which is open to second and third year BA (Hons) Fine Art students.

Working with projected light, students are creating seemingly three-dimensional objects and images which ‘float’ in space by capturing light using steam, water, vibrating twine and flexible screens.

These ‘drawings in space’ not only make up one of several electives offered in fine art but are part of visiting lecturer Andrew Pepper’s ongoing research into spatial imaging within the visual arts.

Last month Andy was a speaker at the international Drawing Research Network Conference, held at the Universityof Loughborough, where he presented the outcomes of the workshops he has delivered here at Lincoln and other art organisations and universities.

Last year, students on his ‘In More Than One Space’ elective produced a digital publication to highlight their research output using projected light and pseudo three-dimensional imaging.

For more information click here or email Andy Pepper at apepper@lincoln.ac.uk. Images taken by student Sarah Potton.

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