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Jewellery students experience Barcelona and Gaudí

Current students and staff from the Jewellery & Object BA programme, together with 2 MA Design students spent 5 days in Barcelona earlier in the year, a city which offers as much culture, inspirational architecture, art, design, shopping opportunities and food and wine experiences required from a single city.

One of the main events was a visit the jewellery department at the Escola Massana, where Sarah O’Hana, Programme Leader, and Ramón Puig, Professor of Jewellery, exchanged presentations of the work carried out in their respective schools. A tour of the school included the specialist workshops such as Carmen Amador’s repoussée class, the enamelling room and the Japanese lacquer workshop.

Thanks to the close attendance of jeweller artist Xavier Monclús and his knowledge of the city, the group were introduced to specialist galleries and Klimt02 where we met with Leo Caballero who runs the famous website and curates work for the gallery.  It was a delight and a privilege for students to be able to handle prized work by the current exhibitor Karin Johansson and other known makers, especially a recent piece by Ted Noten. 

Xavier Monclús organised a presentation of his work at the independent school of jewellery: Taller Perill.   Fiona Parkinson, 1st year Jewellery & Object student, was delighted to be included in his talk as having been influenced by his work in an early project back in Lincoln.  In appreciation of bringing her piece to the talk, Xavier handed her a small piece of his work that she now treasures! Both Xavier and Fiona are pictured above.

The visits to the two schools of Jewellery were informative and revealed different ways of working in older more established environments. There were, however, many aspects that both Barcelona schools and the University of Lincoln's BA (Hons) Jewellery & Object course had in common. Staff and students photographed and absorbed this pleasurable learning environment and took a great deal of valuable inspiration back with them.

Being inside the circle of contemporary jewellery in Barcelona would not be complete without dropping in at a private view. In typical fashion, the exhibition at Amaranto, owned by Grego García, was an informal and very friendly event that spilled out onto the pavement. Students enjoyed being able to speak to the exhibitor, Martina Pont, about her jewellery and to others in a relaxed atmosphere.

The trip was a perfect antidote to a busy year and preparation for future design projects, the next busy academic year and forthcoming exhibitions.

Jewellery and Objects’ first international field trip was a huge success, on the whole all the students filled their five days in Barcelona with culture, jewellery, art and architecture. Many arrived home exhausted but fulfilled and pleased with their efforts at fitting what was expected of them and more besides.

Our "home" for 5 days

What did staff and students have to say about their first international visit?

The Gaudí architecture was of course, hugely influential. Gaudí has inspired and influenced my own work repeatedly in the past and will continue to do so.
We visited three of his major works, Parc Güell, Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló, I bought books and took hundreds of images, all of which will inspire future projects.” (Ann Povey, Senior Technician, pictured below with students Heather and Caroline in one of Barcelona's many tapas bars!)“

The interaction with another school of jewellery was a valuable experience because we were able to see other students practice and the environment they work in.  The talk by Xavier Monclús and the visits to jewellery studios has inspired my MA work.” (Michelle Brown, MA Design student, pictured below left with fellow MA student Janet on right).

 Sarah seated in middle, together with students Heather (right) and Caroline (left)

 “I have a strong affinity with Spain and I am never disappointed with the way in which that country opens its arms to visitors and makes them feel welcome. Understanding how other cultures behave is part of the learning process. The style of contemporary jewellery in Barcelona is quite different to our own, full of colour, life and infinitely varied materials. I look forward to seeing the students’ influence of this trip in projects to come.” (Sarah O’Hana, Programme Leader).

1st year student Ruth shows her exuberance, with 2nd year student Emma looking on from behind!

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