Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion student comes 2nd in Chevrolet competition

Fashion student Chloe Smith has just been awarded 2nd place with her fashion entry to the Young Creative Chevrolet! UK competition with her design 50's Vintage Road Trip.

The starting point for the design ideas was an American style 'road trip' and Chloe decided to base hers on a '50's vintage road trip'. Chloe chose Route 66 in America and produced an outfit design that was a modern take on 1950's fashion. She explains that "it is such a famous and well known road trip, I wanted to stylize it and add a modern twist on the 50's fashion.  The car I have chosen to use is the Chevrolet Nomad model, produced from 1955 to 1961 and then again in 1968 to 1972.  This car screams vintage and style with its slick frame and glossy rims.  This car is well suited for a road trip along Route 66.  I could imagine this car being driven by a young stylish couple dressed in modern 50's clothes.

"Styled with short cropped hair and leather boots, the full skirt is a very cool pattern consisting of Chevrolet cars.  The brown belt was taken from the idea of the Chevrolet logo and the shirt would be a light blue denim shirt with added pearls for buttons, as they remind me of the round headlights of the car.  It is also essential on a long journey or road trip to be comfy just as much as being stylish".

This design has earned Chloe 800 euros.  Congratulations to her from us all at Lincoln.

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